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Freedom State of Mind TRANSFER - ADULT

Freedom State of Mind TRANSFER - ADULT

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*This listing is for a PHYSICAL SCREEN PRINT TRANSFER. You WILL NOT receive the digital download or shirt. You will receive a ready-to-press screen print transfer*

This Freedom State of Mind transfer is 11" X 6.75". The ink used for this transfer is white.



-The transfer can be applied onto 100% Cotton, 100% Poly/Cotton blends, and 100% polyester

-Transfers are high quality, but screen prints on shirts last longer if washed in cold water and left to hang dry or dry inside out.

-You will need a heat press; an iron will NOT work


  1. Set your heat press to 325 degrees
  2. Set time to 4 seconds and press your BLANK shirt (do not apply screen yet)
  3. Once you've pressed your shirt for 4 seconds, set your time to 7 seconds.
  4. Add screen
  5. Press with 60 PSI (or 8-9/heavy)
  6. Peel while transfer is hot


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